The map below indicates the areas that our fiber network will cover in accordance with the Federal Communications Commission’s grant designation.* Enter your physical service address in the upper left corner of the map or click on the map to determine your location’s status.

*Other locations not indicated on this map may be eligible for service in the vicinities where fiber is installed to connect the funded areas. All residents will be alerted by phone if service becomes available. Please register your interest regardless of search results.

We are actively connecting customers and activating services. Contact us today to sign up for services. We can’t wait to connect with you!

Construction is in process, and we are actively collecting interest. Contact us today to register your interest. We’ll reach out as soon as service is available!

We are engineering this area for our 100% fiber network. Let us know you’re interested!

Our Goal

We want to serve members who don’t already have access to affordable high-speed internet service. The current funding we have received is not adequate to provide service to all of our unserved and underserved members, but it’s a great start. We will continue to explore additional funding opportunities in the hopes that we can one day provide internet service to these members.

For those of you who are not located in a currently funded area, please register your interest as this will help us to determine where we need to focus our efforts for additional funding sources.

*PLEASE NOTE – This site uses a global mapping database and we are not responsible for its accuracy. Changes may occur to the construction plans and/or timelines. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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