1000 is an Exciting Number!

Revolution's 1000th Customer Celebration

Revolution Broadband celebrated a significant milestone as we connected our 1000th customer. Tom and Carol Sager, residents of Athens, PA, have the honor of being Revolution Broadband’s 1000th customer. Shown in the photo from L-R: Steve Allabaugh, Claverack President & CEO, Lisa Milne, Member Service Representative, Tom and Carol Sager, Martin Boss III, Manning Technology Services, LLC, and Kyle Lane, Director of Broadband Operations.

“We are thrilled to reach this significant milestone and celebrate Tom and Carol Sager as our 1000th customer of Revolution Broadband,” said Steve Allabaugh, President and CEO of Claverack REC. “Our team’s unwavering dedication and passion for serving rural Americans with reliable, affordable, and exceptional service are evident in our electric services and now extend to Revolution Broadband.”

Since its establishment in the spring of 2022, Revolution Broadband has been committed to transforming our community’s connectivity landscape and helping to bridge the digital divide. Focusing on delivering fast and reliable fiber internet to homes and businesses, particularly to unserved and underserved members, Revolution Broadband currently passes over 2000 homes and businesses in Bradford County.

“This milestone is a testament to Claverack REC’s commitment to our community and the positive impact we are making in the region,” added Allabaugh. To date, Claverack REC and Revolution have completed 250 active miles of fiber. The ongoing buildout has been made possible through funding received from the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, which provided $31.6 million to the project, and the Unserved High-Speed Broadband Funding Program, which awarded $955,762.

Looking towards the future, Revolution Broadband aims to connect more residents in Bradford County throughout 2024 and extend its reach to Wyoming County by the end of the year. Construction is planned to commence in western Susquehanna County before the end of 2024, with connections anticipated in 2025. (Hover over the interactive map for current service availability and future connection timeframes.)

“We remain optimistic that funding opportunities will arise, allowing us to extend our reach to the hardest-to-reach members who may have been missed by previous governmental programs,” said Kyle Lane, Director of Broadband Operations at Revolution. Revolution Broadband is committed to delivering high-speed internet with the same dedication to reliability and technological advancement, financial responsibility, and member-focused service that Claverack REC has demonstrated for over 80 years.

To discover all the details about our service and more, please look around on our website, www.revolutionbroadband.net. If you or someone in your household has not registered interest, please click here.

We can’t wait to connect with you!