The 100

Great for individuals and small families (1-4 users) with minimal internet-connected devices.

100 MBPS

upload & download speeds

for most households

The 500

Best for families with multiple internet-connected devices and moderate internet use.

500 MBPS

upload & download speeds



Perfect for large families with heavy internet use, such as gaming, HD streaming, and working while video chatting.


upload & download speeds

No data caps. Ever!

*These rates are for residential customers only and do not apply to business services. Click here to view business internet plans.

Managed Wi-Fi

We want to make sure you have the best internet experience possible. That’s why all Revolution internet packages include our premium managed Wi-Fi service with the GigaSpire. The modem and router will be included at no additional cost.

If any issues arise, our technical team can diagnose and fix them for you — directly over the phone in most cases, which means no need to schedule an unnecessary home visit or wasting extra time or money.

Our managed Wi-Fi service includes:

• Automatic upgrades
• Free replacement hardware*
• Real-time insights with the Revolution WiFi app to set passwords, monitor usage, set device priority, and more!
• 24/7 technical support

*If the router is defective, we will replace it free of charge.

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We offer…

All speeds are symmetrical

Say goodbye to buffering and lag as you stream, game, or video chat.

Revolution gives you the same great speed whether you’re uploading a file or downloading a video, so you’ll never be left hanging. And with unlimited data (no caps!), you don’t need to worry about file size or overage fees.

Speed Demo

Use this speed test to see the difference in speeds when downloading videos, streaming music, downloading pictures, or gaming online.

1000 Mbps – The Gig

500 Mbps – The 500

100 Mbps – The 100

50 Mbps

25 Mbps

5 Mbps

Your Internet Speed

Note: Using multiple devices simultaneously will divide your bandwidth and affect speeds per device.


You may be eligible for discounted internet rates through the FCC’s Lifeline program.

Lifeline provides a discount for phone or internet service for qualified customers who certify their eligibility by income or enrollment in specific public assistance programs.

Learn more about the Lifeline program.

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