Farming and The Internet

corn field

It’s been said that a successful harvest can be indicated if the corn is “knee-high by the fourth of July.” Seeing as it’s the week of July 4, we wanted to highlight how even the farming industry can benefit from Revolution Broadband.

Claverack’s service territory encompasses a large amount of land dedicated to farming — many of our founding members were farmers. A study from the Benton Institute for Broadband and Society pointed out a major issue in 2021: only 82% of farms in America have internet service in any form. Among those farmers, 78% have only one local provider as an option. This is a major crisis that NEPA farmers are facing, too.

It’s no secret that data-driven agriculture is the future of farming. Data supports decisions and fuels the increased technology seen in farming equipment. Just go look inside a new John Deere farm-grade tractor and tell us how much technology is in there!

The Benton Institute’s 2021 findings include the caveat that “broadband is not an end in and of itself; instead, the transformative power of broadband lies in its ability to connect users to solutions.” You can read their full article here:

We love supporting our local farmers and rural communities. We wouldn’t have the name “rural” in “Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative” if we did not. Revolution Broadband does more than just help you load Netflix faster. It unleashes opportunities never before available to many in our area, and it just might help put food on the table the next time you have dinner!

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