The Construction Process

Word is out, and everyone is wondering when they will be getting fiber internet. Constructing a fiber-optic network is a time-intensive undertaking. Here is an overview of the construction process:

Months have gone into securing funding, permits, contractors, equipment and prepping our teams to serve internet and phone customers.

In the next several months, residents of the Lime Hill Substation and Herrick Substation areas will see construction crews in their neighborhood, working on utility poles or digging trenches to install the mainline fiber optic cables. In most cases, the fiber path will follow existing electric easements, although it may be buried in some cases.

Next, the construction crews will stake out where the mainline will connect to homes. If property access is needed, we will attempt to notify you ahead of time. You may encounter wooden survey stakes, colored flags, or work zone signs on your property; please do not remove them. We will take care of them when they are no longer needed. Should we cause any damage to your yard or property, we will make the necessary repairs before we move to the next area.

Upon completion of the main fiber line, our next step is to determine who is interested in receiving service. You can sign up for service or register your interest online. Once your area is ready for service, we will contact you to plan out the connection (drop wire) from the main fiber line to your home.

Once the drop wire design is in place, construction crews will run fiber from the road to a junction box placed on the outside of your home. (Note: the fiber optic cable will usually follow the same path as your electric service drop. If your electric service runs underground, so will your fiber optic cable. If your electric service is overhead, the fiber optic cable will run overhead.) You do not need to be home for this. We will leave a note to let you know the work has been completed.

Finally, we will bring fiber from the junction box to the inside of your home. We’ll install the fiber gateway (modem and router) and verify that the Wi-Fi signal is working throughout your home.

The whole process takes six to nine months per area. That’s why this project will span five to six years.

We ask for your patience during this massive undertaking. Unforeseen weather delays or supply chain issues may occur that will impact project timelines.   We are working as fast as we can, and we can’t wait for the opportunity to provide you with the internet connection you deserve!