Fiber Optic Construction Update

Man working on fiber optic cables

Lime Hill substation area nears completion

We’re excited to be nearing completion of mainline fiber construction in the Lime Hill substation area. When finished, there will be enough fiber in place to serve approximately 1,000 homes and families.

Next up, Herrick substation area

In October, we’ll begin installing the mainline fiber for the Herrick substation area. The Herrick project will provide access to fiber broadband service to about 1,200 homes.

The big picture

Although we’ve run into delays in acquiring essential electronic equipment, we are moving as fast as possible to make great broadband service available, and we hope to begin connecting our first internet customers in early 2023. We will let you know as soon as we’re ready to start taking orders. In the meantime, please click here to “Register Your Interest” so we know you’re interested in our internet service when it becomes available.

Once we go live, here’s what you can expect from Revolution Broadband:

  • Enough bandwidth and speed (up to 1 Gig!) to power all your devices simultaneously – without buffering or lag
  • Industry-leading managed Wi-Fi system (modem/router) included with all internet packages at no additional cost
  • The CommandIQ app, which gives you network visibility, parental control settings, guest network setup, and much more

We can’t wait for the opportunity to provide you with the internet connection you deserve!