Fiber vs. Satellite

Fiber vs. Satellite

The choice is clear!

In rural areas with limited internet service options, satellite internet might seem like a good option. But when fiber and satellite internet are both available in the same area? There’s really no comparison.

RevolutionThe Satellite Guys
SpeedBlazing-fast internet speeds. Up to 1 Gbps (1 Gig!) on our 100% fiber network.Most offer speeds between 25-220 Mbps.
Data CapsNone. You get unlimited GBs of data.Some are capped at 100 GB.
CostNo upfront costs or equipment to install.Initial cost can be as high as $600 and dish installation is often DIY.
Location32750 Route 6, Wysox — the same great people you know and trust for your electric service.The major satellite operators are in Texas, California, and Maryland.

We are currently providing service to customers in some of the Lime Hill, Herrick, Litchfield/West Warren, Plank Road, and Monroeton/Evergreen/Leroy areas. The Hollenback/Evergreen and Middletown are currently in the construction phase.

To see if you are located in one of our active service areas, please click here, enter your physical address, and hit the “Show Zones” button. If your location is not in an active service area, please continue to register your interest (only if you or someone in your household has not already done so). We are continually seeking additional funding opportunities to grow our fiber network so we can provide service to those in unserved/under served areas.

If you have any questions about our local 100% fiber internet, give us a call at 570-268-1349.

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