The sign everyone’s talking about — What do Revolution Broadband’s first customers think?

Revolution sign in yard.

No one likes slow internet. Perhaps even fewer people enjoy going through the process of switching internet providers — doing the research, trying to make the purchase while talking to a real human being, and making sure that you are getting a good deal. Claverack Communications is happy to bring our way of working for the community over into the world of internet with Revolution Broadband to create a hassle-free process that leaves the user with unmatched internet quality!

 We reached out to several of Revolution’s newest users and asked what they thought about the process of getting connected:

“We could not have asked for better support or communications!”

“Everything was clearly stated and understandable.”

“When I had questions, I went directly to the Claverack office and spoke directly with a member services representative…exceptional and always answered my questions.”

When Revolution’s newest households were asked about the quality of their service, here’s what they said:

“Everything has been amazing.”

“My experience thus far has been so positive that I cannot offer a suggestion for improvement.”

“We can now do things that other people have been able to do for years!”

“The installation was super easy and fast, and the service so far is phenomenal.”

“Great internet…finally!”

Revolution gives you the same great speed whether you’re uploading a file or downloading a video, so you’ll never be left hanging. And with unlimited data (no caps!), you don’t need to worry about file size or overage fees.

Yard signs can be rather divisive around this time of year, but these are the ones that everyone wants! To learn more and see when you can get connected, check out our website:

Revolution internet. Made better by being local.