Revolution Presents Unlimited Opportunities for Rural Residents

The idea of fiber is brand new to lots of people in the Claverack service area — and understandably so, as rural areas like ours have been neglected of technological improvement for the past century. That’s why Claverack is proud to continue to roll out Revolution to its rural backbone!

It is not uncommon for painfully slow internet to plague a household in northeastern Pennsylvania. In fact, some households have conveyed the fact that their current internet speed is about 1 megabit-per-second: that is literally 100 times slower than Revolution’s slowest speed. Revolution’s lightning-quick internet gets up to a thousand times faster than that, offering packages up to 1 full Gig (1,000 Mbps)!

It’s not only important to know that Revolution will never cap your data usage, but that having Revolution will open opportunities never before possible in your home! Things like a home security system, or video-chatting with grandchildren, or even something as widely popular as streaming your local news or live sporting events in good quality are just a few things that Revolution makes possible for you!

We understand that talking about internet speeds can quickly get confusing — that’s why we’ve provided you with this easy-to-reference Speed Decider Tool.

Once you consider all the tech gadgets you have always wanted to add to your household, but have never been able to, you’ll realize that it is not only the internet that is unlimited, but the new opportunities, as well!

If someone in your family has not already registered interest through our website, please click here today!

Revolution internet. Made better by being local.