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Landline phone and portable phone

How does Revolution’s VoIP phone option compare to traditional landline phones?

There are several differences between Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services and traditional landlines. Let’s take a look.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP): Secure and Easy

VoIP utilizes the internet to make phone calls. To set up VoIP, you can use standard home phones, smartphones, and even laptops! Voice calls made using VoIP are more secure than those made using a traditional home phone service because VoIP calls are transmitted over the internet rather than being routed through the public switched telephone network (PSTN). This means less chance for eavesdropping or interception and fewer spam calls. Long-distance calls made via VoIP are less expensive than traditional long-distance calls (in fact, local and domestic long-distance calls are included at no charge with Revolution’s residential phone service!) and you’ll enjoy high-quality HD voice quality. In order to maintain phone service during a power outage, the modem/router for your internet service does need to be powered by a battery backup or a whole-home generator.  Our installation technician will review this during the installation process.

Landlines: Classic and Reliable

Landline services use analog technology that has been around for years. Your voice is carried over a network of copper wires, which can be susceptible to weather. If your phone is hardwired/corded, you won’t normally lose your phone connection during a power outage. However, if you have a cordless phone that requires electricity, you will lose connection. Landline phones require physical installation and purchase of phone equipment; VoIP does not.

Here When You Need Us

Thinking of switching to VoIP phone service from Revolution? If you’re worried about needing to get a new phone number, don’t be. You can keep the phone number you have. However, please do not cancel your existing phone service until your internet installation is complete. (Your internet installation and transfer of your existing phone number will be done at the same time.)

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