The Bandwidth Battle

Comparison of number of wi-fi connected devices vs. bandwidth used in home.

Do you have all the latest gadgets in your home, like smart plugs, smart lightbulbs, and smart refrigerators? According to a recent report found on, the average U.S. consumer has 7.1 smart devices in their home, plus many personal devices. This doesn’t even take into consideration the number of devices you may want to add to your home’s Wi-Fi network!

That’s why it’s so important to select the right internet package. All your internet-connected devices are competing for bandwidth – which can cause slowdowns*. As shown in the graphic, imagine your bandwidth capacity is a pie and each device is a slice. More devices mean a smaller slice (bandwidth) per device.

Wondering what Revolution package is right for you? It’s important to consider all personal and smart devices you have now and will be adding in the future. Revolution Broadband offers internet packages of 100/100 Mbps, 500/500 Mbps and 1000/1000 Mbps (that’s 1 Gig!). And all packages come with our industry-leading whole-home managed Wi-Fi to ensure a great internet experience in every room of your house.

Not sure which speed to get? Check out our “Speed Decider” here. Or contact our friendly, local internet experts at 570-268-1349 for assistance. And don’t worry if you add more internet-connected devices in the future. You can call Revolution any time to increase your speed — it’s just a simple change here at our office.

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*Remember that the age of your device(s) has a lot to do with the speed you experience, too. Older computers, laptops, and mobile devices with slower processors may not be able to handle the speeds on Revolution’s network. We recommend upgrading your hardware every few years.