The Why, What and Who of the Revolution Brand

Image credit: Nicholas A. Tonelli

The Why

Since the 1930s, Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative has dedicated itself to serving the community, offering exceptional service delivered by people you can count on to be there for you — and now we are offering internet and phone services powered by a fiber-optic network.

The Revolution brand was created to clearly delineate Claverack’s broadband offerings from our electric services. Innovative, outstanding, future-changing broadband deserves a brand that embodies that. The three lines in the Revolution Broadband logo (which look like streams of data) symbolize three strands representing our company, our customers, and our shared connection to the world. The vibrant green symbolizes the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. The organic colors of our brand speak to the rugged, natural beauty of the area.

The What

The word Revolution describes how important broadband is in the lives of the people we serve. Internet is revolutionary technology, providing access to untold information and convenience. At the same time, accessible and reliable internet service in rural areas has also become revolutionary, as service is often too slow, too expensive, or unreliable. Fiber-optic technology is considered future-proof, meaning it will serve your needs for years to come. Our high-speed internet service will be as good or better than what is available in metropolitan areas. It’s a revolution that will bridge the rural digital divide.

The Who

Let’s be clear. Revolution is the name of our broadband service, not a new company. Revolution internet and phone services are part of Claverack Communications — a subsidiary of member-trusted Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative. While there might be a few new faces added to the Claverack team, the employees you’ve counted on for years will remain much the same.  

YOU are a big part of why we are investing in broadband services. Connecting you to the people and things that matter most to you is also part of who we are. Reliable, high-speed internet access is becoming as critical to our daily lives as electricity. More than ever, we depend on the internet to work, connect with family and friends, and live stream our favorite television shows and sporting events.

We look forward to providing service to many of our members — and making some new friends.